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With Expedite's Simplicity® software there is no need to invest in additional hardware or bandwidth. Everything you need for your mass marketing campaign is web based. There is nothing to download and everything you need is online. Simplicity® combines your email marketing program and SMS marketing program into one easy to use system for your campaign.


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• Web Based Marketing Software (no software to buy, nothing to download)
• Use our Hardware, Bandwidth and ISP solutions
• No Technical Skills Needed
• No Long Term Commitments - Pay Monthly
• Lowest Cost for Text Broadcasting - Guaranteed!
• Large Volume List Management
• Store Unlimited Amount of Data
• Fast Upload of Data into the Database
• Large Volume List Delivery
• Message Scheduling
• Full Tracking and Reporting
• Automatically Collects and Removes Opt Out



• HTML Message Editor
• Mail Merge Personalization
• Large Volume List Management – Segmentation and Suppression Lists
• Full Tracking and Reporting Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Opted Out
• Automatically Collects and Removes Bounce Backs
IP/Domain Rotation



• Text Message Editor
• Large Volume List Management
• Full Tracking and Reporting – Number of Messages Sent and Opted Out



• Class 1 datacenter
• 24x7 Service on Hardware
• Backups with Double Redundancy
• Burstable and Highly Scalable Bandwidth for High-Volume Delivery




Please call us at (630) 897-6448 for a Free Live Demo of Simplicity® Email Marketing Software

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