Welcome to Expedite Simplicity . com , where we specialize in email marketing software.

With Expedite's Simplicity email marketing software, there is no need to invest in additional hardware or bandwidth. Everything you need for your mass email list marketing campaign is 100% web based and running on our resources. There is nothing to download and everything you need is online. Expedite will handle all the hardware and bandwidth for you.


. Web based email marketing software
. Full ASP Service (Application Service Provider).
. Send out large volume email campaigns.
. Store unlimited amount of email addresses.
. Fast upload of your email list into the database
. Ability to label and track email marketing campaigns.
. Add or delete email lists
. Automatic unsubscribe of opt-out email addresses from
  your email list.

. No Branding on your email message. Your customers will

  never see our branding.


. We take care of the hardware and bandwidth for your email
  marketing campaign.
. Nothing to download
. Real-time email list campaign reporting.
. Able to view how many people viewed your messages
. Able to view how many people clicked through from your
  message to your website
. Able to view how many people opt-out of your email
. Utilize our bandwidth - Not your ISP
. Utilize our servers
. You control your own email marketing campaigns.

Our Software and Network is hosted and maintained in a Class 1 datacenter. Our servers and bandwidth are backed by a highly secure redundant system utilizing highly burstable bandwidth -- Features of our network and datacenter:

  • Redundant systems and fail-over for servers, CPUs, hard-drives, and power.
  • 24x7 service on hardware.
  • Power backups with double redundancy.
  • Open and scalable architecture.
  • Regular data backups.
  • Burstable, highly scalable bandwidth for high-volume email delivery.


Live Demo of Expedite's Email Marketing Software:

Are you ready for a test drive of Simplicity Bulk Email Marketing Software? If you are, please click on the link below and test it out yourself. This is a full functioning demo where you will be able to get a great feel of what you can do with our software. The only restriction is that it will not be able to send out emails yet until you set up an account with us. So go ahead and give Expedite's Simplicity Email Marketing Software a test drive:

((((   Click Here to Enter the Live Demo of Simplicity Email Marketing Software))))

For Username, please use : expedite

For Password, please use : demo

(both username and password are lower case)

Image of how our web based email marketing software works.

If you are looking for a full feature mass emailing software, Simplicity Email Marketing Software is the solution. Most web based email marketing softwares claim that they can handle large volume email list or campaigns but only Expedite's Simplicity email marketing software can deliver on its promises.

Call us today at (630) 876-8066 for a live person demonstration of our software or fill out the form below to get more information:

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Expedite's Simplicity Email Marketing Software believes in customer service. We will respond to all inquires within 30 minutes.

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