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Email Marketing Software :

Keeping in touch with customers and prospects can be done one at a time, individually email by individual email. Or, you can do it through manually created and maintained lists of email addresses in your email program or contact-management software. But soon you may want to communicate with your customers and prospects, regularly, as a group - or have them communicate with each other in an ongoing, public email community. If that is the case, you can automate the entire process thanks to Expedite's Simplicity Email Marketing Software.

Imagine, if you can focus only on the creative side of email marketing and not on the resources such like bandwidth, hardware and software.

Expedite's Simplicity Email Marketing Software was built to provide you with all the resources needed to deploy a mass email marketing campaign. Expedite's Simplicity is web based, which means that you can access our email marketing software anywhere in the world. Once logged on, you upload your email marketing message, your email list, your subject line, from name and then you can start your campaign with your simple to use email marketing software.

For a full listing of Expedite's Simplicity email marketing software features, please click here or fill out the form below for a live demo of our email marketing software.

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