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Welcome Email Marketing Software Features SMS Software Features, where we make email and SMS marketing simple.

Simplicity® is a web based platform that is specialized for small to large volume marketing campaigns. Simplicity is the ideal solution whether you are mounting a bulk sms text message campaign or bulk email campaign. The system will allow you to focus on your marketing campaigns and not on the resources of deploying messages.

Simplicity® marketing software provides all the functionality for users to fully manage their marketing campaigns. Expedite gives you the option to use our servers and ISP relations or contract your own.

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Mobile Marketing is a constantly expanding market. Simplicity® can be used as both an email marketing program and as an sms marketing program. It is the most versatile bulk SMS Software and Email Marketing Software available. Expedite is the leader in the wireless marketing field, United States bulk email marketing and in Chicago SMS marketing.

Web Based Email Marketing      Software (no software to buy,      nothing to download)
No more ISP problems
No Long Term Commitments
Built in CAN-SPAM Compliant      
No Technical Skills Needed
Lowest Cost for Email Broadcasting
HTML Message Editor
Mail Merge Personalization
Message Scheduling
Large Volume List Management
Segmentation and Suppression Lists
Large Volume Email List Delivery
Full Tracking and Reporting      Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Opted      Out
Automatically Collects and Removes      Opt Outs and Bounce Backs
IP/Domain Rotation

Find out more about our Bulk Email Software or view our Email Marketing Tips provided by our partners from Royal Marketing, an SEO (Sökmotoroptimering) company in Sweden.

Web Based SMS Marketing Software      (no software to buy, nothing to      download)
Use our Bandwidth and ISP      solutions
No Technical Skills Needed
No Long Term Commitments- Pay      Monthly
Lowest Cost for Bulk SMS Text      Broadcasting -  Guaranteed!
Large Volume List Management
Large Volume List Delivery
Full Tracking and Reporting
Automatically Collects and Removes      Opt Outs

Please call us at (630) 897-6448
for a Free Live Demo of Simplicity® Mass Email Marketing Software and Bulk SMS Marketing Software.

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