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Welcome to ExpediteSimplicity.com where we make email marketing simple and effective. Our bulk email marketing software Simplicity®, is a web based email marketing software that is specialized for large volume email list marketing campaigns with full tracking and reporting. Expedite's Simplicity web based email marketing lets you focus on your email marketing campaign and not on the resources of deploying an email list marketing campaign. By utilizing our web based software, you never have to download anything and can perform your email marketing campaign anywhere in the world.

Expedite Simplicity is proud to present E Marketing Blitz Marketing Software®, our NEWEST evolution of our email marketing software. With our new E Marketing Blitz Mass Marketing Software, you still have the fast and stable function of a bulk email software like Simplicity® but we have added the ability to mass fax broadcast and also direct postal mailing all in one software. To learn more about our new mass marketing software, please go to : www.eMarketingBlitz.com


Are your recipients willing and waiting to receive your email message? Get the best Return on Investment and the best delivery rate by making sure your email list is confirm double opt in. Let the specialist at Expedite help you verify your email list. No matter no small or large your email list, Expedite's Confirmed Double Opt In Verification Service can help you achieve the highest return rate and best practices in the email marketing medium.

Combine our confirmed double opt in service and Expedite Simplicity software for the best return returns on your email marketing campaign!


To learn more about our email marketing software, Simplicity®, please read on :

What makes Expedite's Simplicity Email Marketing Software different from the rest?

. No Software to Buy - Nothing to download - No software setup.
. No More Bandwidth and ISP Problems.
. Lowest cost for email broadcasting - Guaranteed!
. Full reporting with each email campaign.
. Everything is on our server and bandwidth.
. Web Based - Connect to it from anywhere in the world.
. Large volume email list capabilities and emailing delivery.
. No technical skills needed to run our software.
. No long term commitments- pay monthly as you go.
. Built in CAN-SPAM Law compliance features.

. Bounce Back tracking of emails.

How our web based email marketing software works.

Many businesses and organizations that have bought and tested other email marketing software soon realize that most of the other software use up a lot of their resources (Bandwidth, Computers, ISP etc.). Other email software can cost as little as $19.00 to high as $1,400.00 but all must be downloaded to your computer where the software is run from.

When shopping around for an email marketing software solution, always look as the system requirements (your computer) that these emailing software required to be run on. Also look to see what type of internet connections that you need to send out your email marketing campaigns. Many businesses and organizations soon realize that most other email marketing software cost more then just the price of the software but the added resources and headaches that comes with owning the software.

Not anymore.

With Expedite's Simplicity Email Marketing Software, there is nothing to download, nothing to set up, and there is no system requirements because you are using Simplicity Email Marketing Software on our computers, our bandwidth and our network. There are no technical skills needed to work with our software because Expedite's Simplicity was designed to let email marketers focus on their success of their email marketing campaigns and not the technical side.

What makes Expedite's Simplicity® Email Marketing Software Good?

. Web Based: You can log on from
   anywhere you have an internet
. Large Volume: Our software can
  handle large volume email
. Full reporting on all your campaigns:
  You will see the number of people
  who viewed your email message,
  clicked through from your
  email message to your website, as
  well as the number of people who
  opted out of your email marketing
. Easy to use intranet software. Simple to use.
What makes Expedite's Simplicity® Email Marketing Software Great?

. Bandwidth: You are using our
  bandwidth for email marketing
. Hardware: You are using our servers
  and network.
. Simple to use: Upload your message,
  upload your email list, enter the 

  subject line and from field. Send your

  email marketing campaign.
. Automatically collects, reports, and
  removes opt out emails from your
  email list.
. Straight forward pricing for large
  volume email marketing.
. Easy to use. - In case we did not
  tell you!

Who Uses Expedite's Simplicity®
Email Marketing Software?

. Advertising agencies.
. Ecommerce website owners.
. Publication companies.
. Large volume email marketers.
. Marketing Agencies.
. Other email marketing companies.

. Companies that need to connect to 

   customers fast.

. Mass Email Marketers.

. Public Relations Firms.


Live Demo of Expedite's Simplicity Email Marketing Software:

Are you ready for a test drive of Simplicity Email Marketing Software? If you are, please click on the link below and test it out yourself. This is a full functioning demo where you will be able to get a great feel of what you can do with our software. The only restriction is that it will not be able to send out emails yet until you set up an account with us. So go ahead and give Expedite's Simplicity Email Marketing Software a test drive:

((((   Please call us at 630 - 876- 8066 for a Free Live Demo of Simplicity Email Marketing Software ))))


Simplicity email marketing software is built from the ground up and coded to be the most stable email marketing software on the market. For a listing of all the features of our Simplicity Email Marketing Software: Click here

For a Live Person demonstration of our Simplicity Email Marketing Software, please call us at (630) 876-8066 or fill out the form.
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Expedite Simplicity believes in Customer Service. We respond to all inquiries within 30 minutes or less.


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